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Neptune’s Cloud is a video game indie studio specializing in game audio and community. Our mission is to provide multimedia entertainment of the highest quality to each generation of gamers, lead the video game industry in creating unique audio experiences, and generating a new age of console achievement around the world, and unite the gaming industry in an effort to provide opportunities to underprivileged communities.

Neptune’s Cloud Education is a platform for game developers who specialize in teaching their craft to younger generations. From Game Design, Programming, Game Audio, and more, we teach all disciplines and host events and Game Jams for our community.

Innovation, Quality, and Community are the values Neptune’s Cloud upholds for the purpose of producing products to be enjoyed and experienced by all gamers who value music, story, and education.

Email: info@neptunescloud.com

  • Based In: Miami, Florida
  • Audio Production
  • Console Development
  • Phone #: (305) 523-9523
  • Game Development
  • Game Jams

What We Offer

Our main objectives are producing the best of games, but that’s not all we can do! All forms of multimedia can request our services.

Game Development

We produce games best suited for gamers who want a grand audio experience. That’s part of what makes us Neptune’s Cloud!

Audio Production

We are currently best equip to produce audio for all forms of multimedia. Let us work on your next project!

Technical Education

We educate whoever is interested in what we do as well. Soon we will be providing internships for anyone looking to get their start in the game development industry.

We Want to Provide the Best Service We Can

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