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From Virtual Reality to Console, and PC to your Phone, we make games for all platforms.

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Here are some of the studios we already supported!

Eagle One Studios

Sound Design: S&box

Mattrified Games

Composition: MerFight

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Our Recent Projects

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Project Alpha: The Sunrise Samurai

Project Beta: Tyren: King of Dragons

Project Gamma

Project Delta

Project Epsilon

Project Zeta








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To Developers:

Our Specialization

Our games are held at a standard of being unique and innovative from pre-development. With a heavy influence of audio creativity, we strive to give players a rapturous experience.

We also make efforts to support the game development industry however we can. Including contracting services to other developers and sponsoring through our platform.

Services We Provide:


Sound Designer

We can create SFX for your Game!

Dialogue Editor

We can edit Voice Over for your game!

Technical Sound Designer

We can Implement audio assets in your game!


We can produce Music for your game!


Audio Implementor

We can add Audio Settings to your game and implement your assets!

C# Programmer

We provide C# Programming Support!

Q/A Testor

We Test your game thoroughly for bugs and give feedback on our specialties.

Game Designer

We provide Level Design Support!


Content Creation

We Create content in support of your developing game.

Let’s Play! Sponsorship

We Feature your game on our Let’s Play series!


We Promote your new release through our online platforms!

Indie Game Review

We Play your game after release and Review it!