Recent Projects

A combination of contract projects and our studio’s in-house projects!

Mattrified Games

MerFight – Octonia’s Feud

MerFight is a Fighting Game with Mermaids! This game has alot of characters to choose from and a captivating story of the Arctic Prince. Neptune’s Cloud composed the theme for Octonia’s Arena.

Go check out Matthew’s game! – MerFight
(Coming to Steam Early Access late 2021)

(Octonia’s Feud – WMII)
  • Song Name: Octonia’s Feud
  • Composition by: Wayne Messam II

Neptune’s Cloud Entertainment: Project Alpha

The Sunrise Samurai

The Sunrise Samurai is a rhythm game that follows the story of Tsumito as he travels as a rogue samurai from a lost clan. This ninja-themed game is our first project that is in development, geared for release. This project is a collaboration with the following studios:

  • Time Turner Productions
  • Tripple L Studios

Eagle One Studios


Our studio collaborates with Eagle One Studios providing sound design and music production for various games in S@box.

  • Half-Life Alyx
  • Speed Dial

Neptune’s Cloud Entertainment: Project Beta

King of Dragons: Duality

A stream of themes that hit too close to home. Relatable Malik El-Shabazz, in 4040 post-apocalyptic Earth, tragically comes of age in his cursed heritage as the next-up keeper of universal balance, the King of Dragons. During a time of ancestral war, you witness him discover his newfound powers come with drastic consequences. Learning the nuance and complexity of the world outside of his now destroyed hometown, your journey with him will force you to struggle just as much as he does with every new culture he experiences. Decisions matter as you form alliances with all the races Malik comes across leading up to his crowning as king.