Recent Projects

A combination of contract projects and our studio’s in-house projects!

Neptune’s Cloud Entertainment: Project Alpha

Silent Space

Escape the Space Station using the Scuttle Protocol as the sole-survivor of this Horror Survival Sci-Fi Metroidvania on PC.

Published for the Themed Horror Game Jam

Ranked: 3rd Overall

  • Published By: E.T.C. Lundberg
  • Team Size: 9
  • Tools: Unity, Wwise
  • Release Date: June 2022

Neptune’s Cloud Entertainment: Project Beta

King of Dragons: Duality

An Action RPG that holds streams of themes that hit too close to home for black, introspective, queer gamers for PC, PS5, and XBOX Series X.

  • Published By: Neptune’s Cloud LLC
  • Team Size: 2
  • Tools: Unreal Engine 5.1, Wwise
  • Release Date: Mid 2025

External Collaborations: Composition

Mattrified Games

MerFight – Octonia’s Feud

MerFight is a Fighting Game with Mermaids! This game has a lot of characters to choose from and a captivating story of the Arctic Prince. Neptune’s Cloud composed the theme for Octonia’s Arena.

(Octonia’s Feud – WMII)
  • Release Date: March 2022
  • Song Name: Octonia’s Feud
  • Composition by: Wayne Messam II
  • Tools: Unity, Logic Pro X

Eagle One Studios


Our studio collaborates with Eagle One Studios providing sound design and music production for various games in S@box.

  • Half-Life Alyx
  • Speed Dial