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Neptune’s Cloud Entertainment is a video game indie studio specializing in creative immersion and unique audio experiences. Our mission is to provide Black, Introspective, Queer gamers titles that fuel their passion for psychological adventures that explore generational curses, expansive world-building with captivating characters and themes, and choice-driven plot-lines that challenge the status quo of modern society.

Neptune’s Cloud Education is an online resource that actively teaches our principles and techniques of creating creatively immersive games and beautifully unique audio experiences through our platform’s virtual masterclasses. This department’s mission is to provide aspiring game developers that are Black and Queer resources that properly equip them with advanced audio production techniques, an understanding of the video game industry from the perspective of video game studios, and confidence to pursue a career in multiple disciplines in game development.

Innovation, Quality, and Community are the values Neptune’s Cloud upholds for the purpose of producing video games to be enjoyed and experienced by all gamers who value music, story, and education.

Email: info@neptunescloud.com

  • Based In: Miami, Florida
  • Phone #: (305) 523-9523

To Developers:

Our Specialization

Our games are held at a standard of being unique and innovative from pre-development. With a heavy influence of audio creativity, we strive to give players a rapturous experience.

We also make efforts to support the game development industry however we can. Including contracting services to other developers and sponsoring through our platform.

Services We Provide:


Sound Designing
Technical Audio Programming

Dialogue Editing


Narrative Implemention
C# & C++ Programming

Q/A Testing
Game Design

We Want to Provide the Best Service We Can

Eagle One Studios

Half-Life Alyx, Speed Dial, and other S&ndbox Games

  • Sound Design
  • Composition
  • Dialogue
  • Technical Sound Design

Mattrified Games

  • Composition

MerFight: Curse of the Aquatic Prince

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